Rental services

We have rental items in our offer. We offer bicycles, rowing boats, kayaks and sup boards for rent, so that you can enjoy your vacation with us even more magnificently.


SUP board rental:
Riverside Camping offers an exciting opportunity to explore the city from the river in the calm waters of our SUP board rental service. Offering maintained SUP boards, we cater for all skill levels and age groups. For beginners, our sturdy and user-friendly boards will be ideal for learning balance and paddling technique, while experienced paddlers can indulge in river adventures and take on longer trips.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff provide comprehensive instructions and safety guidelines, ensuring everyone is comfortable and prepared before they set off. The gentle currents of the Daugava create an ideal environment for SUP adventures, offering stunning views of the Riga skyline and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.


Bike rental:

Take advantage of the bike rentals offered at Riverside Campground. Our bike rental service offers a wide range of bikes to suit all ages and preferences.

Families with children, cycling enthusiasts and recreational riders can effortlessly move along the picturesque paths, enjoying the scenic beauty of the center of Riga and the historical sights.


Boat rental:

For those who crave a more traditional water experience, our boat rental service awaits. Discover the Daugava at your own pace with our well-equipped rowing boats. These boats are ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway or friends looking for a unique bonding experience. These boats offer a peaceful way to explore the calm waters of the river and the surrounding landscape.


Kayak rental:

Enjoy the thrill of sailing Riga’s waterways using our kayak rental service. Equipped with high-quality kayaks suitable for both solo adventurers and tandem trips, paddlers can chart their course along the Daugava, exploring its hidden coves and enjoying breathtaking views of the cityscape.

At Riverside camping in the very center of Riga, our diverse rental offer ensures that every visitor will find the perfect means to immerse themselves in the beauty and silence of the surrounding natural environment and the bustling city landscape. Whether by SUP board, bike, boat or kayak, there is an adventure waiting for every nature enthusiast and urban explorer.