Latvian foods

  • Before arriving in Riga, we knew almost nothing about food in Latvia. We had heard about the dark rye bread that people love to eat, but that was about it.

    As we soon learned, Latvian cuisine has a lot to offer. You will find delicious soups, smoked fish, fantastic drinks and even desserts made from dark rye bread.

    It is easy to taste Latvian food, because traditional dishes can be bought in restaurants all over the country. Find out which dishes are a must-try and which desserts are worth ordering:

    1 Gray peas and bacon
    2 Rye bread
    3 Smoked fish
    4 Cabbage soup
    5 Potato pancakes
    6 Latvian meatballs
    7 Rye bread soup
    8 Dumplings
    9 Pearl barley risotto
    10 Pork tendons
    11 Layered rye bread
    12 Beer snacks
    13 Sea buckthorn
    14 Riga Black Balsam
    15 Kefir
    16 Kvass