Sup board rental

Experience with sup board rentals at the heart of Riga, right by the enchanting Zunda canal. Our fleet of paddleboards caters to families with children, sports enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a relaxed exploration of the Zunda canal’s allure.Renting a SUP board from us means more than just acquiring equipment – it’s gaining access to everything essential for an enjoyable paddleboarding excursion. We provide all necessary gear, ensuring a hassle-free and delightful experience on the tranquil waters of the Zunda canal. Whether you’re seeking a serene outing or a recreational adventure, our SUP boards promise an unforgettable journey through the scenic beauty of Riga’s historic canal network.






1 hour 8 EUR
Up to 3 hours 15 EUR
Whole day 25 EUR (Must be handed over by 10:00 the next morning)

Bike rental

Riga views from the water - boat Elvira

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